Welcome to the Tahlequah Camera Club website! We are a club of photographers ranging from beginners to professionals in the Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Lake Tenkiller area. The club meets once a month and is open to the public. Browse our membership information and photo galleries. Even swing by one of our upcoming meetings to see what we’re all about. Come early to socialize before the meeting. We usually meet at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Cookson United Methodist Church hall behind the sanctuary. Annual Dues are $25/individual & $35/couple and are due in March.  We have a discount for new members of $15/individual and $25/couple. Visitors are always welcome.

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August Meeting: 7:00pm Tuesday September 10 2019

Our September meeting will be at 7:00pm on Tuesday, September 10 in the Fellowship Hall of Cookson United Methodist Church. This should be an interesting and educational meeting. Photographer Tom Whipple from Tulsa will provide a program on photographing drops of water with high speed flash.

Generally, there are two types of water drop photography. One, known as splash art, is where an object is dropped into a bowl of water and photographed as it hits the water. The other, which Tom will demonstrate for us, involves dropping a drop of a liquid into a bowl or pan which contains another liquid. Once the drop enters into the liquid in the pan, the drop will go through a series of formations which will last for many millionth of a second. This happens so fast one cannot see it happening by the naked eye. While this first drop goes through its various formations, Tom will introduce a second drop which will collide with the first drop and create another very unique pattern, which he will photograph. With the special equipment that he has built, Tom can time the release of each drop within millionths of a second, and program his camera and flashes to capture it all in a single photograph. And the very unique photographs he makes will be displayed for all to view. The public is invited.

Be sure to bring your images to submit to our September Competition which includes a Special Competition of “Where My Heart Is.” Also bring a matted 8×10 image to put on display at the Tahlequah Library during the month of October.

All are welcome!

If you have any questions please contact us.

(Photographing of military or government facilities, airports, etc. is probably prohibited for security’s sake. Get permission when in doubt, IE. parents of children, business owners, etc.)


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