Welcome to the Tahlequah Camera Club website! We are a club of photographers ranging from beginners to professionals in the Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Lake Tenkiller area. The club meets once a month and is open to the public. Browse our membership information and photo galleries. Even swing by one of our upcoming meetings to see what we’re all about. Come early to socialize before the meeting. We usually meet at 7:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Cookson United Methodist Church hall behind the sanctuary.

NOTE:  Annual Dues are due and should be paid by the April meeting ($25/individuals; $35/couples)

April Meeting: 7:00pm Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our April meeting will be in the fellowship hall at the back of the Cookson United Methodist Church.  We will be presenting the results from our March competition which is the first for this competition year.  Be sure to gather images for the Special Competitions throughout the year (see the various Special Competition subjects below). 

All are welcome!

 Special Competitions for the 2017 Year

  • May: Water” -Flowing or frozen, mist or fog
    • Ideas: fountains, rivers or streams, glaciers, droplets. Water should be the main subject but may include boats, people, pitcher or faucet, birds, etc. This is a good time to try a slow shutter speed to make the mater appear milky.
  • July: “Leading Lines” – used to draw the viewer’s eyes through the image
    • Ideas: railroad tracks, river, road or path, archways, trees, clouds, stairs
  • September: “Remember When” – nostalgia, antique, historic, elderly
    • Ideas: vintage cars, still life, re-enactments, portraits, old and run-down anything
  • November: “Locomotion” – anything moving
    • Ideas: animals, people, vehicles, bugs, etc., in motion
  • January (2018): “Work or Play” – people either working or playing
    • Ideas: jobs, on the farm, in the city, student, playing board games or sports, swimming, house painting, etc.

(Photographing of military or government facilities, airports, etc. is probably prohibited for security’s sake. Get permission when in doubt, IE. parents of children, business owners, etc.)

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