Monthly Competitions

Each competition year begins in March with 6 regular competitions held every other month (March, May, July, September, November, January) and a “year-end competition” of all the honored images presented at the end of the year.  The results of the judging are presented at the following monthly meeting.  During that meeting, an outside judge comments on the previous month’s entries.

There are two (2) competition categories: Open Topic and Altered Reality. Within the Regular Open Topic Competitions there are three (3) classes: Beginner, Advanced, and Master. Each member may select into which class he or she would like to participate and may enter up to three (3) images in that class. Each member may also enter up to three (3) images into one of the Altered Reality classes.  Each member must remain in the same class for the duration of the year.  If a new member decides after their first month they would like to change classes, they may do so.

Up to three (3) images may be submitted in your selected Open Topic class each month and an addition three (3) images may be submitted into an Alter Reality class. Images may be entered in either color or black and white. Images may be entered as jpg files.  See the “Preparing Competition Entries” section on the file naming convention used.

In regular competitions, the subject matter of an image is normally open.  For Special Competitions the subject matter may be assigned.  Any submitted images may be tagged for a “Special Competition.”

The person entering an image for competition must have taken the image, but they may have been taken at any time. A time frame for taking an image may however be assigned in a special competition.

Images are judged on a 15 point scale. The member with the most points accumulated in each class will receive the High Point Award at the end of the year.  See the “Rules” section for more detail.