Special Competitions

Special Competitions for the 2019 Year

  • March: “The Road Least Traveled”
  • May: “Pets”
  • July: “Sunrise/Sunset”
  • September: “Where My Heart Is”
  • November: “America’s Love of the Automobile”

The Special Competition subjects are assigned by the Executive Committee and/or Competition Chairperson.   Any submitted images may be tagged for a “Special Competition” (See Preparing Entries).

These competitions will be announced in the club’s monthly meetings and on this website.  Special competition will be judged and scored like regular competition, and additional points may be awarded.  Each person that competes in a special competition will receive a total of 5 extra points. You may enter in Open Topic Category  and/or in Altered Reality Category.  The winner of the Special Competition for each class will also receive an additional 5 points.