Operating Procedures


The executive committee shall set the dues and the fiscal year for the club.  Any major expenditures not budgeted, which can not be timely approved by the membership, requires a quorum of the executive committee for approval.  Outstanding bills should be turned into the treasure promptly for payment.  Should the club ever be discontinued, all assets shall be converted into cash and donated to local charities.  The executive committee members will determine the specifics of such a procedure.


Election of club officers shall be held annually.  The president shall appoint a nominating committee composed of three members and shall serve as chair. The committee will prepare a single slate of officers and obtain the agreement from the nominees to serve if elected.  The chairman will present the slate at the February meeting.  Additional nominations can be made from the floor.  Vacancies in the club officers shall be filled by the president, subject to the approval by the executive committee.  Vacancy of the president’s office shall be filled by advancement of the president-elect.


President: To preside at all club meetings; to appoint special committees; to act as club spokesperson; to generally supervise; to keep in touch with all club activities; to notify members of meeting changes; to conduct a minimum of two executive committee meetings or as needed.

President-Elect: To assume duties of the president in his/her absence; to plan and recommend field trips and socials for club members; to notify members of special events; to select and provide both educational and entertaining programs, live or recorded, for club meetings in the months of May, September, November and January and to notify the Publicity Representative and Website Manager of the program title and information about the upcoming program in a timely fashion.

Secretary/Treasurer: To keep records of the minutes of all business and executive committee meetings; to maintain financial records and bank account for the club; to pay bills in a timely fashion; to collect dues from members in April; to maintain a current membership roster to be distributed to the members.

Competition: To schedule competition for the club members; to obtain the judges that are required; to maintain the computer, digital projector, screen and related equipment; to maintain records in regards to each member’s competition results; to write “thank-you” notes to the judges; to provide competition results to the newsletter officer; to plan “special” competitions for the club; to secure year-end meeting place; to present the awards; to update the award plaque.

Publicity: To actively promote the club through the local media bu submitting a written notice of the program or activity of the upcoming meeting and to provide the date, time and location of the meeting. Also, when possible, to invite the public to our meetings.

Webmaster: To maintain the club Facebook page and website which will include, but not limited to, a description of the club and its activities; to publish a notice of the upcoming meeting or activity; to place all honored images (except for any members that do not want there images published) of each competition on the website indicating maker and title. In addition, the Webmaster will email a reminder to each member of the date and time of the upcoming meeting within the week preceding the meeting.

Membership: To introduce guests at each meeting; to issue name tags at each meeting; to provide new members with membership packets; to send sympathy and get well cards to members as appropriate.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee composed of the elected officers and the immediate Past President shall direct the management of all club functions.  Five members of the committee will constitute a quorum. Items brought before the general membership to be voted upon, will require approval of 1/3 of the membership to become effective

It is the responsibility of each officer to designate his/her duties or responsibilities to another member in the event he is unable to attend a meeting.

Any suggestions for changes in these operating procedures should be directed to the Executive Committee.